How to Be Eco-Friendly and Save Money at the Same Time

How to Be Eco-Friendly and Save Money at the Same Time
By Daniel Woods

Well, there are various simple things that you can do to join the green revolution. These are the simple little things which may look insignificant but when done by each one of us can help save the environment considerably.

Let us see how to be eco-friendly:

1. Don't keep the electronic appliances in stand-by mode. Do you know a thousand pounds of carbon dioxide can be saved just by unplugging the electronic appliances when they are not in use. TV, coffee pots, toaster - make sure they are not left in the standby mode when you are done using them. This will save from unnecessary electricity bill too.

2. Don't keep the tire pressure in your vehicle low. If the tires are improperly inflated, due to less pressure, they emit various gases in the air. This not only contaminates the environment but causes you extra maintenance cost too. As per a study done, if we ensure the right pressure in tires, we can easily save upto $800 worth of gas per year.

3. Don't use bottled water. Due to the weak regulations on the quality of the bottled water, in most of the cases it has been found it is nothing better than tap water. This impure water not only has an adverse affect on your health but the plastic bottles ending up in landfills contaminate the environment too. Save the cost of using bottled water and invest in a good quality water purifier instead. How to be eco-friendly - this is one of the best ways.

4. Don't use plastic bottles and containers for storing consumable items, specially water. Plastic has a property of leaching into the water/food and contaminating it. It also generates various toxic by-products like phthalates and BPA. It is non-recyclable and is toxic too. Saying no to plastic is another significant way to go green. You can instead invest in stainless steel containers which are durable, safe as well as cost effective.

5. Use an eco-friendly water purifier. It serves multiple purposes. One, it will filter out all contaminants from water and prevent them from going back in the environment. Two, it will ensure that you consume clean and pure water and thus save you from all health disorders. Three, this will discourage the use of bottled water and lower the usage of plastic. Four, it will save cost - unnecessary cost incurred in purchasing bottled water as well as that incurred during medication required after consuming polluted water.

So now that you know how to be eco-friendly, when are you turning green? Remember, every little bit helps. And the ways listed above help in saving the money too. If you need more information about eco-friendly water purifiers, visit my website listed below. It has information about an advanced, effective and a reasonably priced water purifier. This is one of the important ways for how to be eco-friendly.

Daniel Woods is a dedicated advocate and researcher of the benefits of safe, clean, healthy filtered water. He shares his research on his website - Water Purifier Home. If you want to know how to choose a water purifier, visit - and learn about the products our editors personally use and recommend.

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